Leveraging Cognitive Neuroscience to Build the Next Generation of Immersive Interfaces

I am a neuroscientist, VR enthusiast, and designer
deeply interested in the intersection of computation and cognition

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Research Interests

Improving Ecological Validity

Leveraging immersive technologies to redefine neuropychological assessment

Tangible Emotions

Designing tangible multisensory experiences to communicate emotion

Defining Immersion

Developing interfaces to immerse users across psychophysiological parameters.


Select Work Focused on Human-Centered Design

  • Design for Others

    Redesigning public transit webinterfaces for Georgia State University Students.

  • Design for Understanding

    Desiging an interactive webpage to convey a persuasive story through data about the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Design for Accessibility

    Mapping the accessibility routes on Emory University's campus.

  • Design for Tension

    Designing a chat-bot to help train people to flift and find connection online.

  • Re-Design Extend

    Building physical interfaces to extend the MARTA public transit system.

  • Airport Design

    Optimizing the airport check-in process using human-centered design